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Real Estate Investment


 Investing money in real estate is one of the most famous and best types of investments and one of the safest, real estate is one of the assets that keep money from inflation factors and also that the property is considered safe compared to other investment methods such as the stock market and gold trading because it remains present even if there is a decrease or loss and a lot  Of the rich people of the world and investors continue to save their money in the real estate field and obtain a fixed monthly income return through it, as the property’s value increases with time.

 Among the benefits of real estate investment is an increase in its value and obtaining a steady return. It can also be developed by increasing the value of the income. It is possible to establish projects on it or change the real estate investment activity, for example, from residential to commercial or industrial.

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 Investing in real estate is a very profitable investment if you make it right and it has advantages

 Investing in the real estate market It does not require much experience, suitable for beginners. To define the types of real estate investment and the best methods of successful real estate investment

 Buy and sell

 Real Estate Investment

 How do I enter real estate?  You can enter the field of real estate trading by investing your money in the real estate field with a small capital and with a number of repeated sales and purchases of real estate (deals) to earn money so that this capital grows and you can then enter into major real estate projects, this method may take a long period that may reach  For years and maybe a slight mistake in it exposes you to a loss or loss of your money, therefore you must choose a real estate in a privileged location and ensure the authenticity of the papers in order not to be subject to fraud and fraud.

 Build and sell

 One of the most famous methods of real estate investment is this method, in which you can buy a piece of land or an old property and demolish it, then build on it, whether a residential or commercial building, and after the completion of construction and preparation, sell it at a greater price and achieve a large profit, and this method is carried out by contractors and companies so you can cooperate with your friends and acquaintances to do this project  Or the participation of professionals in this field with capital.

 Construction and leasing

 This method is like the previous method, which is buying land and building on it, but the property is not sold after its construction, but it is offered for rent to get a fixed monthly income that increases annually. You can also develop this property by increasing the housing or commercial units in it and also can be converted to furnished apartments and rent them with larger amounts and get greater profits  In case the building is residential.

 Purchase, repair and sale

 This method is simply searching for a property (usually residential) and the seller’s owner neglected him or wanted to sell it or it became old so he bought this property from him and performs maintenance and repair operations in it such as sanitation, kitchen, real estate painting, repair of doors and windows, etc. Then this property is offered at a higher price than what I paid to buy the property  And maintenance expenses to achieve a good profit, this method requires considerable effort, experience and capital, as the sale of the property may be delayed for a longer period of time than you expect, so you must be careful and others can also share the idea and the money.

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