Investing small money “ideas and suggestions”


 1- Provide your tools and provide your services:

 If you have a talent or ability to do a certain job with which you can earn good profits, then why not take advantage of the simple amount that is available with you in purchasing some tools that help you start work and production, for example, if you have the ability to repair and maintain electronic or technical devices, but you do not  You do this work because there are no tools available to work, you can determine what tools you need and buy the most important ones, because the amount that is with you may be sufficient for that. You have to buy the equipment that you lack in the profits that accrue to you from repairing people’s devices.

 Note: For example, we set out to repair electronic or technological devices for illustration only, but the concept is one and it can be applied to many professions such as sewing, embroidery, crochet, clock repair, maintenance of sports equipment, design of accessories … etc.

 2- Entering the world of trade:

 To be a merchant, it is not a requirement that you have a lot of money. A very large number of today’s large traders had little money in their beginnings, but they decided to invest the small money available to them and worked hard and smart until they were able to achieve success and were able to build major companies to achieve them  Lots of financial returns. You can also invest the simple amount that you have in buying a simple quantity of goods at a wholesale price and sell them at the retail price and the difference between the wholesale price “purchase price” and the selling price “retail price” will be your net profit.  It is worth noting that you must choose goods that are easy to sell in the area in which you live in order to earn profits quickly and be able to develop quickly, for example if you live in a tourist area you can work on trading some of the goods that tourists accept to buy without a place of course, and that you live  In a normal area, you can trade some food commodities from your home, in front of the house, or even in the city’s market, and so on.

 3- Simple Home Manufacturing:

 Many people produce goods from their homes and sell them to some stores or merchants, and in return they get a good monthly profit and all the costs they bear include the costs of purchasing the tools and equipment needed for manufacturing, and these are purchased once, in addition to the costs of purchasing the raw materials needed for manufacturing, there are those who manufacture  Accessories and sells them to stores or to final customers via the Internet and through various means, and there are those who make home food, and there are those who make clothes and there are those who make dolls and toys, if you are able to make something in your home then study well the need for this thing and to  You will sell it and whoever will buy it. After studying, you can work on buying tools and providing the necessary materials for manufacturing to start production and then sell and take profits.

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