How we keep our investors

How we keep our investors

Based on our long experience in financial markets and trading services, our goal at Global Investment House has been and remains to be the safest trading broker and to be the first choice for investors to identify the safe trading market that is always preferred for anyone who wants to make profits in trading global financial markets.

We are pioneers in the world of electronic trading, we are more than just a company to provide the latest technology. In order to keep the relationship between us and the investor in the long term. We aspire to establish a milestone in various levels.

Negative Balance Protection
This legally binding policy ensures that investors’ accounts do not reach a materially negative range, and they can never lose more than the amount they have invested even in situations of extreme volatility.
Islamic account
Due to the high demand from investors and experts to trade in accordance with Islamic law, the management of the company has been keen to provide you with a 100% Islamic account in accordance with the provisions of Islamic Sharia and the basis of the intelligent interchange.
Local and International Shares
One of the main advantages of local and international equity financing is that the client can receive cash within 15 minutes of sending the order, by purchasing the shares and then selling them immediately or transferring them to the private trading portfolio.
Margin protection
Using advanced technology and automated reserves, investors at Global Investment House have the possibility to take advantage of the full margin in their accounts.

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